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Travel Tips


Ensure you check-in early enough prior to your flight – at least one hour for domestic flights.

Flight Preparation Advice

Air Canada offers comprehensive Flight Information advice: Transport Canada has established Cabin Safety Standards that can be helpful to the quality of your travel experience.

Some ‘Insider’ Tips

  • Shop for flights mid-week if you want a deal on far-flung destination flying. Also fly shoulder season for your destination for best fares.
  • More people are opting to travel only with carry-ons. The key challenge is to ensure all liquids and gels – from shampoo to toothpaste, are contained within 50 ml containers. All liquids and gels must be pulled out of carry-ons and placed in clear plastic bags provided in the security area to be able to be cleared through security. Take a couple of extra bags with you so you can pre-pack for the next trip.
  • Sign up for WestJet JetMail, Air Canada webSaver for domestic travel airfare or package offers.
  • If you are transferring to another airline in Vancouver or Calgary, they can have different baggage fees and baggage regulations. Check with any other airlines you will travel with before you book and pack accordingly.
  • For travel in Canada, a driver’s license will do. For any travel outside Canada, a passport is required.
  • When you book flights to the U.S. via Vancouver or Calgary you will need passport number(s) and address for where you are staying at the time of booking. Ensure all spelling, including middle names is 100% accurate as errors can result in travel delays or be expensive to adjust on tickets.
  • Avoid delays at security screening by putting any laptops in a separate bin. Other electronic can remain in carry-on bags. If you think there are no coins in your pockets check again…there’s always one stuck in a pocket corner. Take belts off. Shoes are not required to be taken off in Canada (unless they have metal grommets or the like and you think they will set the metal detector off). Shoes are required to be taken off in U.S. airports.
  • You can expedite your travel to the U.S. by obtaining a NEXUS card. All travelers entering the U.S. must now have the appropriate documentation which includes a valid Canadian passport, or a NEXUS card when used at a NEXUS kiosk at designated airports. The NEXUS program offers a simplified and expedited clearance process to pre-approved, low-risk travelers. Get a NEXUS card.
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